Research seminar: Africa, the UN Security Council, and its elected States

flags outside the un

Welcome to research seminar co-aranged by the Nordic Africa Institute and the Swedish Defence University. Registration required.


Angela Muvumba Sellström, Senior Researcher, The Nordic Africa Institute (NAI)

Professor Adekeye Adebajo, Senior Research Fellow, Centre for
the Advancement of Scholarship (CAS), University of Pretoria

Professor Kjell Engelbrekt, Dean, Swedish Defence University

Please remember to bring a valid identification document.

To registration

The seminar is sponsored with the support of Formas - A Swedish Research Council for Sustainable Development (ID: 2021-02682_3).


More information about the event

Date: Sep 19, 2023
Time: 10:00 AM—11:15 AM
Location: Leijonsköldska salen