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  • Creation of Anna Lindh Professorship and new research program on women, peace and security

    On April 9, Sweden's Foreign Minister Margot Wallström presented a new research initiative in the area of women, peace and security and the UN Security Council Resolution 1325. In line with this long-term research effort, a new professorship in Anna Lindh's name as well as a new research program will be established at the Swedish Defence University (SEDU). The research program will aim to increase knowledge about women's roles in conflicts, peace processes and disaster relief, gender perspectives in military organizations and operations, as well as a more general focus on conflict prevention and peace building.

    28 April 2017

  • Military strategy to fight cancer

    Can military strategy be used as inspiration for cancer research? Yes, it can, at least according to David Gisselsson Nord, a pathologist and cancer researcher at Lund University in Sweden, and Robert Egnell, a professor and strategist at the Swedish Defence University in Stockholm, who recently published an article in the research journal Trends in Cancer.

    31 January 2017

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