New database and new e-books at the library

The Anna Lindh Library has acquired a new database from Oxford University Press, an encyclopedia in political science.
A number of new e-books, some course literature, have recently also been acquired.

The new database is called Oxford Research Encyclopedias of Politics and is a continuously updated and peer-reviewed encyclopedia in political science that includes articles written, reviewed and edited by researchers.

» Oxford Research Encyclopedias of Politics

Below is a selection of the new e-books, some course literature, that are now available through the Anna Lindh Library.

Military Strategies of the New European Allies : A Comparative Study.
Edstrom, Hakan.; Westberg, Jacob.
2022; Milton : Taylor & Francis Group

Understanding Modern Warfare
Jordan, David ; Kiras, James D. ; Lonsdale, David J. ; Speller, Ian ; Tuck, Christopher ; Walton, C. Dale
2016; second edition, Cambridge University Press

Understanding land warfare
Tuck, Christopher
2022; 2nd edition.; Abingdon, Oxon ; New York : Routledge

International humanitarian law
Crawford, Emily (Writer on international law), author.; Pert, Alison, author.
2020; Second edition.; Cambridge : Cambridge University Press

International Law in the Transition to Peace: Protecting Civilians under Jus Post Bellum
Lamont, Carina
2021; Milton: Taylor & Francis Group

International Conflict and Security Law: A Research Handbook
Sayapin, Sergey ; Atadyanov, Rustam ; Kadam, Umesh ; Kemp, Gerhard ; Zambrana-Tévar, Nicolás ; Quénivet, Noëlle
2022; The Hague: T.M.C. Asser Press

Disruptive technology and the law of naval warfare
Hug, James; Pedrozo, Raul A.
2022; New York, NY : Oxford University Press

Handbook of Research Methods in International Relations.
Huddleston, R. J.; Jamieson, Thomas.; James, Patrick
2022; Northampton : Edward Elgar Publishing

The balance of power between Russia and NATO in the Arctic and High North
Kaushal, Sidharth, author.
2022; London, England : Routledge

The European Union in the age of (in)security : from theory to practice
Iov, Claudia Anamaria, editor.
2022; Newcastle upon Tyne, England : Cambridge Scholars Publishing


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