Digital meetings in Zoom

FHS Zoom allows you to have meetings without limits on duration or number of participants. It is easy to use and has good video- and audio quality.

Create an FHS Zoom-account

  1. Go to our Zoom homepage.
  2. Choose ’Sign In’(, press SSO, submit FHS-SE)
  3. Log in with your FHS account. This will create your linked Zoom account.

Zoom Client

When you start your first meeting in Zoom, the client will automatically download to your device. If this isn’t the case, it is available for download on the Zoom support page.

» Zoom Client Download

Create a reusable link to your meeting room. You can share this link to your classmates for group assignments etc.

» Zoom Meeting Link

Zoom Application login

When you log in to Zoom on your device, it is important to use your FHS account. To login this way, choose Login with SSO, and use the domain name FHS-SE.

» Zoom Login

Recording Zoom meetings

Using Zoom you can record your meetings and save them on your device for later playback.

» Recording Zoom Meetings

Zoom App

There is an iOS and Android app available called ZOOM Cloud Meetings.