Study funding and benefits

Here you can find information about study funding from CSN and other student benefits.

The Swedish Board of Student Finance (CSN)

If you wish to apply for study funding from CSN, you should do so as soon as possible to avoid waiting for payment after the semester begins.

Applying for study funding

On CSN's website you can access information on how to apply for study funding. Here you will also find information about the declaration of enrolment and payment.

Applying for study funding (CSN)

Application together with registration

When you register for a course or programme on "", you can request to apply for study funding. An application form will then be sent to you..

Mecenat Card

If you receive study funding from CSN, you will automatically receive the Mecenat Card when you study at the Swedish Defence University. With the Mecenat Card, you can buy products, services and travel with a student discount. If you do not receive study funding from CSN, you can still order the card.

Mecenat Card at the Swedish Defence University (Mecenat)

Benefits on the Officers’ Programme

The Officers’ Programme is not eligible for student funding from CSN or the Mecenat Card. Instead, students on the Officers’ Programme receive benefits such as food, accommodation and daily payments from the Swedish Armed Forces.

Benefits on the Officers' Programme (Swedish Armed Forces)

Benefits for student union members

As a member of the student union, you also have access to legal advice and a place in Stockholm's Student Housing Foundation's housing queue.

Benefits for student union members