Life as a student

Student life is so much more than studies. Due to its small size, The Swedish Defence University has a special atmosphere where it is easy to get to know other students from various backgrounds in both formal and informal settings.

New in Sweden

For you to be ready to embark on your studies we offer some practical information about the most important fundaments for living in Sweden.

We'll take care of you

It starts as soon as you step through the doors. During your first two weeks there is a string of fun activities and team building. Within days you'll be part of the "family", making new fri...

Study funding and benefits

Here you can find information about study funding from CSN and other student benefits.

Student ambassadors

Student ambassadors works parttime answering questions about studies and life as a student at the Swedish Defence University.

Health and fitness

When you study hard, it can sometimes be difficult to find the time to look after yourself and your wellbeing. At the Swedish Defence University, we want to help you by offering great facili...

The Officers' Mess

The opening hours are Wednesday and Thursday 16.00-21.00 (this may vary)

Please note that as a student you are allowed to bring one (1) guest to regular pub evenings, provided that the university is open as usual.

However, if the university is closed to the general public you are not allowed to bring any guests.