Ph.D Defence: Alicia Ohlsson

Portrait of Alicia Ohlsson.

On October 21, Alicia Ohlsson defends her PhD Thesis “Adaptive behaviours and skills in high-level military staff work”.

The overarching aim of the thesis, addressed in three empirical studies, is to provide an increased understanding of the adaptive behavior and skills used in high-level military staff work. This include investigating what adaptive behaviors leaders used to try to manage demands and challenges and to investigate relevant skills used by leaders and military officers which may contribute to adaptability in military staff work.

The results imply that there are a variety of behaviors that individuals perform to manage organizational demands and challenges, including reactive and proactive behaviors in military staff work. These behaviors appear to vary depending on contextual factors. In addition, the results indicate the importance of networking activity in military staff contexts, which appear to contribute positively to organizational outcomes. Specifically, the use of social effectiveness skills appear to be useful for helping individuals be more adaptive in their collaborative work for reaching organizational goals.

– These results can be useful for helping to form future research aims and potentially for improvement for leadership and organization development for the Swedish Armed Forces, says Alicia Ohlsson.

Alicia Ohlsson is a licensed psychologist and researcher at the Department of Security, Strategy and Leadership at the Swedish Defence University. She is a doctoral student at Stockholm University and is defending her PhD thesis at the Department of Psychology, Stockholm University.

The PhD defence takes place digitally via Zoom, read more on Stockholm University's website.

More information about the event

Date: Oct 21, 2020
Time: 10:00 AM—12:00 PM
Location: Zoom
Contact: Alicia Ohlsson , 08-55342958,