At the Swedish Defence University, several types of research are conducted; not the least, research that is of direct benefit to society. Our expertise and analyses of societal security are often sought after by national and international organizations, government agencies, and the media.

In addition to that, our research results are routinely weaved into our courses and educational activities. SEDU is a unique research environment where civilian and military issues are addressed together. Since being granted degree-awarding powers, research activities have been intensified in the fields of defence, crisis management and security.

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Our research
As of 2018, the Swedish Defense University has degree-awarding powers to issue doctoral degrees in the field of defence, crisis management, and securi...
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Meet our researcher
Here you will meet some of our researchers at the Military Institute and the Department of Security, Strategy and Leadership.
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Specialised centres
The Swedish Defence University has several centres with niche competences within a specific area or subject, such as leadership, societal security and...
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Network and cooperative efforts
The Swedish Defence University cooperates with several national and international higher education institutions and organisations.