Flygunderstödsledning (JTAC) under förstärkningen av Försvarsmaktens närvaro på Gotland.

Photo: Emy Åklundh/The Swedish Armed Forces.

Systems Science for Defence and Security

Systems science for defence and security can be described as a discipline at the interface between social science and engineering. The main object of study is the interaction between technical and social components which affect or contribute to defence and security.

One of the main tenets in systems science for defence and security is that technical and social elements should not be studied in isolation from each other. The development, acquisition and use of technology and materiel for defence and security is, therefore, in focus. The discipline is a further development of the subject military technology.

Research of benefit to society

The main object of study within the discipline is the interaction between technical and social components which have the ‘capability’ to contribute to defence and security in society. In this context the word capability means; the potential of a community organisation, group, or person to use resources to achieve a specific objective. A typical example of an object of study would be how military units as organisations are equipped and trained for specific missions in crises and war.

Research focus on defence capability development and defence innovation

The research primarily deals with processes for developing and utilizing defence and security capability. Despite limited resources, organisations aim to develop needed capabilities at the right time, at a low cost, and with acceptable risk.

Being able to relate systematically to the need for future capabilities and analyse anticipated technological changes is in the interest of government agencies and businesses. Defence and security capabilities are dependent on a number of factors, both technological and social. These developments can be slow-moving. There is, therefore, a great need to be able to assess and analyse potential alternative developments of both civil and military capabilities for defence and security. The research, therefore, aims to act as an engine for the development of knowledge and methods for the management of technology and capability development. Research and its results should have a robust relationship with government agencies and industry. The research area includes:

  • Knowledge of the strategic aspects of materiel procurement and capability development
  • Methods for assessing the utility of future technical systems for defence and security
  • Methods for governance of technology and capability development
  • Methods for concept development

The research can also be applied to specific areas, such as cyber operations or sustainable development. The purpose is then to contribute to capability development by studying the specific conditions for development that are governed by a technology area or societal development.



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