Systems Science for Defence and Security

Systems Science for Defence and Security is a subject at the intersection of social sciences and engineering.

The object of study is systems consisting of interacting technical and social components that contribute to or affect society’s defence and security. These systems are studied based on that it is not possible to study technical and social components in isolation from one another.

The focus is on studying the development, procurement and use of technologies and technology for defence and security.

Research areas withinSystems Science for Defence and Security

Faculty active in the area:


Senior lecturers

Peter Bull

Associate Professor, Senior Lecturer

peter.bull@fhs.se +46 8-55342689
Eva Lagg

Associate Professor, Senior Lecturer

Eva.Lagg@fhs.se +46 8-55342610
Hans Liwång

Associate Professor, Senior Lecturer

Hans.Liwang@fhs.se +46 8-55342917
Stefan Silfverskiöld

Directorate, Chairman of the Research and Education Board, Senior Lecturer

Stefan.Silfverskiold@fhs.se +46 8-55342850

Other researchers

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Doctoral students