Networks and cooperative efforts

The Swedish Defence University cooperates with several national and international higher education institutions and organisations.

Center for Cyber Defense and Information Security (CDIS)

CDIS was founded in 2020 as a collaboration between the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and the Swedish Armed Forces. Within CDIS, new technologies and methods are being developed to strengthen Sweden's cyber defense through research and education. The goal is to develop knowledge and create new methods, tools, concepts, cyber defense applications, and information security. CDIS contributes to the country's only training for conscripted cyber soldiers, and about 25 researchers are affiliated with the research center.

The Swedish Defence University has been participating in the collaboration since 2021 and contributes, among other things, to KTH's new master's program in cyber security, as well as to KTH's doctoral studies.

Centre of Natural Hazards and Disaster Science (CNDS)

The Centre of Natural Hazards and Disaster Science, CNDS, is a national platform for research on the nexus between socio-technical vulnerability and extreme events. CNDS researchers are affiliated with the Swedish Defence University, Karlstad University and Uppsala University.

Centre of Special Operations Research (CSOR)

In February 2021, the Centre of Special Operations Research (CSOR) was established at the Swedish Defence University. The centre's activities rest on four cornerstones - research, education, academic outreach and operational support to the Armed Forces' special operations units.

East Asian Security and Strategy Programme

The programme conducts research related to China’s strategic thinking and behaviour, its foreign and security policy and impact as a rising power in regional and global security. Strategies and security policies of other states in the region are also analysed from different perspectives.

European Societal Security Research Group

The European Societal Security Research Group brings together an interdisciplinary group of scholars focused on the expanding security role of the European Union. From military and civilian missions outside of Europe to counterterrorism, health security, food safety and critical infrastructure protection within Europe, EU members now cooperate across a host of new fields. Together, these efforts aim to improve the capacity of the EU as a whole to manage crises and protect individuals from harm. Described as "homeland security" in other national contexts, in Europe the expanding security role of the EU can be described in terms of "societal security".

Narrative Research Lab

The aim of the Narrative Research Lab (NRL) is to create and disseminate scientific knowledge about how narratives – that is, stories about society and the world – affect political reality in a world that is increasingly digitalised. The ambition is to collaborate with different societal actors and to disseminate the research to different societal arenas.