A new decision regarding limited return to campus-based teaching

The Swedish Defence University will open up for a limited return to campus-based education starting the autumn 2020 term.

On 29 May, the Swedish government announced that universities, colleges and high schools can begin returning to campus-based education from 15 June. Teaching on campus must still comply with the Public Health Agency’s recommendations.

In light of the government's announcement, the Swedish Defence University has decided that the primary rule is that distance education continues to be the main form of education. However, before the 2020 autumn term, an adapted and limited return to regular forms of teaching is possible.

As previously, this will be done by deciding on variations in individual cases, where the teaching need is to be balanced against the requirements for compliance with the Public Health Agency’s recommendations. 

Priority groups and activities for an adapted return to campus-based education

The activities and students that will be prioritized in allowing opportunities for education on campus, if required, are:

  • First year students (undergraduate level).
  • Students on programmes in their final academic year, if this is necessary to enable graduation on time.
  • Teaching activities and examinations with practical elements, particularly where there are activities remaining to be completed from the previous term.

Exchange studies will be permitted

The Swedish Defence University will permit study and internships abroad during the autumn 2020 term, provided that they are carried out in accordance with the recommendations of the expert authorities.

International programmes and courses in parallell forms

The University must ensure that all students who have been accepted on an international master's programme are given the opportunity to follow teaching.

Students on a master's programme with English as the language of instruction, who are unable to participate in campus-based teaching from the start of the autumn term – because of restrictions related to the coronavirus pandemic – should be able to participate in distance education until they are able to be present on campus.

This means that these courses may need to be prepared to be delivered in different and parallel forms for national and international students.

Incoming exchange students

Courses for incoming exchange students should also be planned so that they can be followed remotely. This is to enable students who cannot participate in campus placement education – due to coronavirus pandemic related travel restrictions – also have the opportunity to participate in teaching. This means that these courses may also need to be prepared to be delivered in different and parallel forms for national and international students.

Other directives for the autumn 2020 term

  • The University remains closed to the general public and external guests.
  • As a rule, lectures should be conducted remotely.
  • In-hall written exams/tests should be avoided during the 2020 autumn term.
  • The library (including Karlberg) remains unmanned and closed to the general public.
  • Autumn’s scheduling should be adjusted to avoid too many students being on campus at any one time.
  • Premises must be arranged to facilitate compliance with the Public Health Agency’s requirement for physical distancing.
  • The Introduction Day on 31 August will be conducted remotely.

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