Elin Berg

Doctoral student

War Studies


Department of War Studies and Military History

Functions and Perspective Division

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Elin is currently pursuing a PhD in War Studies. She holds a Master of Arts in Power, Conflict and Development from the Graduate Institute (IHEID), Switzerland, and a Bachelor's degree in Peace and Development Studies from Uppsala University, Sweden.

Mainly informed by feminist theory and queer theory contributions, Elin is interested in examining how heterosexism shapes the inclusion and exclusion of particularly LGBTQI individuals and women in military organizations, as well as in security policy and practice. She also has a strong interest in understanding the gendered dimensions of data practices, human-machine interactions and digital technologies' implications on peace, war and security.
Elin Berg Elin är doktorand i krigsvetenskap vid IKVM. Hon har en masterexamen i Utvecklingsstudier med fokus på konflikt och säkerhet från Graduate Institute (IHEID), Schweiz, samt en kandidatexamen i freds- och utvecklingsstudier från Uppsala Universitet.

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