Sara Bondesson

Associate Senior Lecturer

Political Science


Department of Security, Strategy and Leadership

Political Science Division

Political Science with a focus on Crisis Management and International cooperation

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About Sara

Sara Bondesson Sara Bondesson holds a PhD in political science from the Department of Government, Uppsala University and is assistant professor at the Division of Leadership at the Department of Security, Strategy and Leadership (ISSL). She is also affiliated with the Centre of Natural Hazards and Disaster Science (CNDS). Sara does research around disaster management and disaster risk reduction with a special focus on vulnerability reduction and social inequality. Current projects include research on disaster risk reduction understood through a gender perspective, participatory and voluntary disaster management voluntarism as well as an up-coming project on civil-military collaboration in volatile contexts. Sara teaches at undergraduate and graduate levels within political science, crisis management and leadership, primarily at the Swedish Defence University but also at Uppsala University.

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