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Rusudan Zabakhidze

Doctoral student

Engelsk beskrivning om dig själv
My dissertation project addresses the civil dimension of the total defense exploring the military resistance capacity of civilians to the aggressor in the case of a potential foreign invasion. While the conscription system represents the main recruitment method for maintaining the military force in both Lithuania and Georgia, the number of civilians enlisting in short-term military training programs has increased amidst the war in Ukraine.

The overarching aim of the proposed research is to enrich the empirical knowledge about evolving civil-military relations by examining the convergence between the strategic objectives of the state and the goals of the voluntary (para)military formations originally established outside of the state security sector. In doing so, the proposed research aims to contribute to the theoretical and policy debates concerning total/comprehensive defence with a particular emphasis on civilian defence and the relations during peacetime between the military and society at large.

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