Ralph Sundberg

Associate Professor, Senior Lecturer

War Studies


Department of War Studies and Military History

Strategy Division

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Engelsk beskrivning om dig själv
Associate Professor (docent)
Senior Lecturer of War Studies (FHS)
Researcher (Department of Peace and Conflict Research, Uppsala University)

Research fields:
Political psychology
Military Psychology
Conflict issues
Civil war complexity

Teaching areas:
Program Chair, Master's of Politics, Security, and War
Thesis supervision

Publications (selection):
Sundberg, Ralph, & Chiara Ruffa. (2021). “Measurements for the institutional cohesion dimension of the Standard Model of Military Group Cohesion.”. Military Psychology.

Deglow, Annekatrin, & Ralph Sundberg. (2021). “To Blame or To Support? Large-scale Insurgent Attacks on Civilians and Public Trust in State Institutions.” International Studies Quarterly.

Deglow, Annekatrin, & Ralph Sundberg. (2021)). “Local Conflict Intensity and Public Perceptions of the Police: Evidence from Afghanistan”. Journal of Politics.

Sundberg, Ralph. 2020. “UN Peacekeeping and Forced Displacement in South Sudan”. International Peacekeeping, Vol.28, Issue 2, 210-237.

Calissendorff, Love, Johan Brosché, & Ralph Sundberg. 2019. “Dehumanization Amidst Massacres: An Examination of Dinka-Nuer Intergroup Attitudes in South Sudan”. Peace & Conflict: Journal of Peace Psychology, Vol.25, Issue 1, 37-48

Ruffa, Chiara, & Ralph Sundberg. 2018. “Breaking the Frame: Frame Disputes of War and Peace”. Acta Sociologica , Vol.61, Issue 3, 317-332.

Sundberg, Ralph. 2017. “Change and Stability in Attitudes Toward Violence During ISAF Service”. Military Psychology, Vol.29, Issue 5, 370-285.

Gustavsson, Gina, van der Noll, Jolanda, & Ralph Sundberg. 2016. “Opposing the Veil in the Name of Liberalism: Popular Attitudes to Liberalism and Muslim Veiling in the Netherlands”, Ethnic & Racial Studies, Vol.39, Issue 10, 1719-1737.

Sundberg, Ralph, 2016, “Value Change and Stability in an ISAF Contingent”. Journal of Personality, Vol.84, Issue 1, p.91-101.
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