How do I borrow and return items?

Users of the Anna Lindh Library have access to the library’s collections of printed and electronic material.

Borrowing items

All the libraries have self-check machines. You check out items yourself with your personal identity number and your PIN code. Borrowers from the general public can also use their e-mail address and PIN.

The library’s books are lent out for 28 days. You can renew your loan yourself up to 6 times unless the book is reserved by another borrower.

You cannot borrow the item if:

  • there is a reservation queue for the book
  • you are blocked because you have received three overdue reminders about the book

Loans by staff of the Swedish Defence University and the Swedish Armed Forces Headquarters are automatically renewed.

» Read about My loans

Renewals and reservation of books

You can renew your loans and reserve checked out items yourself by logging on to My loans.

Books from the Karlberg branch library and the Swedish Armed Forces Headquarters library can be reserved in Primo and picked up at the main library.

Returning books

In the main library there is a self-check machine for returning books outside the entrance. You can return your books until 5 pm during weekdays. Then the Swedish Defence University closes. Students and personnel at the Swedish Defence University have access until 10 pm.

Returning books can be done at the SEDU entrance, weekdays between 8 AM and 5 PM, if you do not have a SEDU key card.

At the Karlberg branch library it is best to return books inside the library. If that is not possible there is a case for book returns outside the entrance to the library. The general public cannot return books at the Karlberg branch library.

Electronic material at the library

You can access the library’s databases, electronic publications and e-books on the library’s computers in the public workstation area. Students and personnel at the Swedish Defence University can also access the electronic material by logging in to the school’s wireless network or by remote access.

Respect the license terms of the electronic material. Printing out and downloading articles may be done for personal use only for studies or research.