Do you want help with recorded literature?

If you have reading and writing difficulties, such as dyslexia, visual impairment or other disabilities, you are entitled to adapted course literature in the form of talking books, Braille or e-text.

Talking books – listen to your course literature

A talking book is a recorded version of a published book that contains sound, text and sometimes images. The Swedish Agency for Accessible Media (MTM) has a service called Legimus and with an account you can read and download talking books directly to your mobile phone or computer.

Click on the link below to see if you are eligible to use Legimus.

» Legimus credentials (in Swedish)

Contact the Anna Lindh Library at if you believe you have the right to adapted course literature. You do not need to have met with a coordinator first.

The Legimus app and the reading program Easy Reader for computers make it easy to read and navigate talking books.

» Easy Reader (in Swedish)

Ordering - if the course literature is not available?

Please note that it is the student's own responsibility to check if relevant course literature is available in Legimus.

If your compulsory course literature is not available in Legimus, the library will help you order new production from MTM. The production time for reading new books is about 8-12 weeks, so be out in good time with your order.

» Order recorded course literature (for those who are already Legimus users)

It is only compulsory course literature and entire books that you can get as talking books.

Teachers can order talking books via "Ready for the start of the course"

As a teacher, you can also submit requests for talking books to the library. The fact that a book is ordered as "Ready for the start of the course" does not guarantee that MTM will choose to produce the book as a talking book.

In order for a book to be ordered as "Ready for the start of the course", it must be, among other things;

  • It is likely that the title will be requested by students with reading disabilities.
  • The book must not be more than two years old.
  • The book must be compulsory in the course.

Orders for "Ready for course start" are sent to

Scientific articles

MTM does not produce articles or compendiums as talking books. Students are therefore recommended to use the text-to-speech program Claroread Plus to listen to PDFs, digital book chapters, compendiums or articles. All students have the right to text-to-speech through the FHS study counsellor. Claroread also has a browser extension that can turn any web text into audio.

» The Swedish Defence University's support during studies – information on the Student Portal

Do you need other support during your studies?

For other questions about support for students with disabilities, please contact the Swedish Defence University's study and career counsellors.

» Information about support for students with disabilities

Accessibility of the library

The entrance to the Swedish Defence University can be reached via a ramp. The library is located on the ground floor. The book hall is on one floor and without level differences. Downstairs there are older journals, open stacks and reading areas. There is an elevator to the lower level.

There is a disabled toilet in the school's entrance.

Please contact us if you have more questions about accessibility at the library.