Vulkan i vinterskrud.

Collaborative research

Research within the Centre for Societal Security is conducted in various projects and programmes.

Centre for Natural Hazards and Disaster Science (CNDS)

The Centre for Societal Security conducts collaborative research about crisis and disaster management issues within the CNDS. It is a national platform for research on the nexus between socio-technical vulnerability and extreme events of natural origins, e.g. storms, floods, landslides, droughts, wildfires, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and tsunamis. CNDS researchers are affiliated with Uppsala University, Swedish Defence University and Karlstad University.

Governing for Societal Resilience

This project embraces the "whole-of-government" approach from public administration and the "whole-of-society" from the wider community in order to identify how to enhance collaboration between key social actors in preparing, protecting and rebuilding societies when hit by extreme situations.