System Perspectives for Comprehensive National Defence

This is a course for you who are interested in understanding, analysing and developing concepts for total defence.

The scope of the course covers sociotechnical system perspectives, principled concepts, and analyses of concepts for total defence. You will practice assignment to apply systems thinking and systems perspectives with the aim of understanding and analysing total defense concepts.

After the course, you are expected to be able to:

  • Describe and categorise sociotechnical system perspectives for to the study of concepts for total defence.
  • Analyse and argue for the strengths and weaknesses of a concept for total defence from a relevant system perspective
  • Problematise the relation between the actual suitability of a concept for total defence and the simplified model of the concept resulting from analysis taking a system perspective.

Distance-guided readingcourse

The course is a literature study-based course conducted via distance-guided literature studies. Teaching is performed with written instructions guiding the student through a combination of literature studies and solving an applied task related to the course theme.

The core of the course assignment is to apply systemsthinking and systems perspectives with the aim of understanding and analysing total defence concepts.

Application Code


Study Pace




Starting Term

Autumn Term 2024

Study Period

2024 week 50 - 2025 week 3


Advanced level

Study Mode



Freestanding course


Passed courses of at least 180 credits that include @@at least 7,5 credits in the field of Defence, Crisis management and Security, @@written thesis project including of at least 15 credits, and knowledge corresponding to English 6 (English B).



Language of Instruction

The teaching is conducted in English.


If you have questions about the course, please contact the Study Counsellors.

You can reach us by e-mail:

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