Threat and Risk Management

This course provides you with a theoretical foundation for understanding, utilising and adapting threat and risk management methodology. In relation to antagonistic threats, threat and risk management is a crucial methodological field that provides a basis for decisions on defence and security.

The course takes its starting point from descriptions of how threat and risk analysis is conducted and discussions on the role of these analyses as an element of risk management. The course therefore cover:

  • Risk analysis, including defining scenarios, identifying threats and hazards and estimating risk.
  • Risk assessment including decisions regarding which risks can be tolerated and analysis of options (risk control options).
  • Risk reduction and management, including decision-making, implementation and monitoring.

The focus throughout the course will be on the various types of uncertainty associated with this type of work, and how these uncertainties should influence the work.

The course also addresses understanding and communicating risk as a means for critically reviewing the benefits of implemented assessments.

After completing the course, you will be able to:

  • perform a threat and risk analysis in a manner relevant to defence and security organisations;
  • propose which decisions should be made based on the performed analyses and how these decisions can be implemented;
  • with regard to the performed analyses, discuss identified uncertainties and limitations; and
  • based on identified limitations, propose changes in the approach in order to reduce the level of uncertainty in a completed analysis.

The course is conducted through lectures, group work, seminars and the submission of an individual written assignment on an applied case. The course is structured in a manner that provides the student with considerable opportunities to plan their studies individually.


Advanced level





Start week

Week 13

End week

Week 22


A minimum of 7.5 HECDS in the field of Systems Science for Defence and Security or Military Studies at second-cycle level.

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Stand alone

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