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Several Benefits with New Centre

The Centre for Societal Security was officially established on 18 January 2018 as one of the Swedish Defence University's major efforts to better equip key actors working with societal security. Director Fredrik Bynander tells us more what this means concretely.

Why do we need a centre for societal security?

Someone must take a comprehensive approach to these questions and who has a better starting point than the Swedish Defence University? The centre's staff is working hard to develop more and better solutions for social security actors by drawing on a wide range of skills and adapting to the growing needs. In addition, we will be better at utilizing the expertise and competence of our colleagues here at the university when working on large or complex assignments. Our aim is to be the source and hub of knowledge on societal security issues.

Looking beyond Sweden's border in order to strengthen national security

The return to total defence in Sweden has created a greater need for planning, competence and continuity, and we want to be involved. This shift is important in itself, but it will also lead to reconsidering the concepts of crisis preparedness and societal security in the long term. We at CTSS have excellent tools and talented staff members who are passionate about improving and strengthening these efforts.

In addition, we have an extensive network both within Sweden and abroad. When talking about national security it is important to avoid focusing only inward but rather to draw upon the rich knowledge and experiences of others.

Sweden's expertise in this area has created fruitful cooperation and our current partnerships in the EU, NATO/PfP, as well as bilaterally with, for example, The Netherlands, the United States, the UK and neighboring countries will be further developed and integrated into our national perspective.

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