Creeping crises

This project explores key questions about the emergence, evolution and response to creeping crises, such as climate change, cyber attacks, immigration crises and spread of infectious diseases.

Traditional crises often have a clear cause and an expected consequence. For example, an earthquake that hits a specific area with many deaths as a result.

Cyber crises, terrorism, climate change and migration

Creeping crises that evolve over time are something completely different and much more difficult to handle. The origins of the crisis can be found far beyond the borders of one's own country and go under the radar for a long time without being detected. At the same time, the crisis may escalate and take unexpected turns. Examples of this type of crisis are migration flows, cross-border terrorism, the consequences of climate change and cyber crises.

The research project will analyse these type of crises so that actors in Sweden can detect them more easily, prepare better and be able to handle them.

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Responsible Department


 Leiden University, the Swedish Institute of International Affairs


Myndigheten för samhällsskydd och beredskap (MSB)



Published 2021-11-12 Updated 2023-05-16