Synergy - increased defense capability provides increased competitiveness for the industry

The aim of the research project Synergy is to strengthen Sweden in the event of war or crisis. The project examines how the defense industry and the Swedish defense can work together to strengthen the industry's global competitiveness in peacetime, and at the same time ensure the capacity of the defense supply chains in times of crisis or war.

The research project covers three areas:

  • The relationship between the defense industry and the armed forces
  • The optimization of supply chains and how these can change depending on peacetime or war
  • Opportunities and obstacles for laws and regulations to be able to act quickly in the event of a crisis

Responsible Department

Department of War Studies and Military History


Saab, BAE Systems Bofors, BAE Systems Hägglunds and Nammo Sweden.


The Knowledge Foundation



Per Skoglund

Senior Lecturer, Head of Division +46 70-6766528
Published 2022-06-30 Updated 2023-05-23