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Linnéa Gelot is a senior lecturer of War Studies. She joined the Swedish Defence University in January 2022. Linnéa previously worked as senior researcher at the Folke Bernadotte Academy and the Nordic Africa Institute. Prior to that she was a senior lecturer of Peace and Development Studies at the School of Global Studies, Gothenburg University. She was promoted to Associate Professor of Peace and Development Studies in February 2018.
She earned her PhD in International Politics from Aberystwyth University, Wales, UK.
Linnéa is a co-investigator in the research project PROTEX She is a member of the Folke Bernadotte Academy research working groups.

Linnéa’s research has been about (critical) security studies, social and practice theories, critical peacebuilding, militarisation, and empirical field-based contributions to international interventionism. Currently she is c-authoring an article that employs Bourdieusean field theory and practice theories to explore the valorisation of human rights in African Union- European Union relations, in the case of AMISOM, Somalia.
She has also recently investigated the agency of traditional authority structures and local community actors in altering and negotiating the DDR and P/CVE dimensions of international interventions in Somalia. As part of another ongoing data collection project, she provides a systematic study on ’social reintegration’: community determinants of successful reintegration of former al-Shabaab combatants in South-Central Somalia.
She has closely followed African peacekeeping during over a decade.

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