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Dr Viktoriya Fedorchak joined the Swedish Defence University, at Air Operations Division in September 2022. She teaches and researches various aspects of air power and modern warfare. Her current research project focuses on different aspects of the Russia-Ukraine war. Her research interests are air power, modern warfare, military doctrine, strategic and organisational cultures and the Russia-Ukraine war.

Previously, she worked as Lecturer in European Studies at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), (Trondheim, Norway). Before that, Dr Fedorchak held the position of Lecturer of Military History at the Department of History, Maynooth University. There, she taught various courses for the Military College of the Irish Defence Forces. Prior to that, she was Lecturer in Politics and International Relations at the University of Nottingham (UK). She has taught Modern Strategy, Air Power, Global Security, Politics, International Relations, and European Studies. Dr Fedorchak often gives guest lectures, talks and interviews in Europe and worldwide.

Dr Fedorchak received her PhD from the University of Hull (UK) in 2015, exploring the subject of ‘The Development of RAF Air Power Doctrine, 1999-2013.’ Her monograph ‘British Air Power: The Doctrinal Path to Jointery’ (2018) explored the shift from single-service to joint authorship of environmental doctrine and various stages of institutionalisation of jointery in the British Armed Forces. She is the author of a textbook on air power aimed at civilian and military audiences ‘Understanding Contemporary Air Power’ (2020). She is currently working on the monograph on the Russia-Ukraine war.
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