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Anna Danielsson is Associate Professor and senior lecturer of War Studies. She joined the Swedish Defence University in January 2019. Anna was previously a postdoctoral researcher and lecturer at the Department of Government, Uppsala University. She has also been a visiting researcher at the Department of International Politics at Aberystwyth University, and a visiting researcher and lecturer at the Institute of Political Science at the Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen.

Anna’s research is situated at the nexus of (critical) war studies, social and practice theories, critical peacebuilding studies, and the history and sociology of (scientific) knowledge. Specifically, she works on issues pertaining to urban wars, urban security, urbicide, joint operations, and the production of knowledge and space in international interventions.

Starting in January 2021 (and ongoing until early 2024), Anna holds a research grant from the Swedish Research Council for Sustainable Development. Her project "Urban wars and postconflict reconstruction: Peacebuilder production of knowledge and space in urban environments" explores the constitutive links between cities, war, and peace. Specifically, the project analyses knowledge practices that seek to make known and produce urban spaces as distinct objects of intervention.

In her previous work, Anna researched dynamics of power and informal economies in post-/conflict environments.
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