Finding a printed book in the library

If you want to find a printed book in the library, a good start is to search for the book in the Primo search tool, which you can find on the homepage of the website.

In Primo you can see which shelf the book is on and whether it has been borrowed or not. The information can be seen in the form of a hit list. You can search for course literature and e-books in the same way.

Do you want to know more about how to search for e-books in this way?

» Find e-books

Search for books

You are searching for: Ackerly, Brooke A., and Jacqui True. Doing Feminist Research in Political and Social Science. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2010.

  • Search for a few words from the title or author's name.
  • Click the magnifying glass.
Skärmdump Söker du en bok bild 1

You will now see a hit list that matches your search. In this case there are several editions of the book. Click on the book you are interested in and you will get more and clearer information.

Where is the book?

[The text balloon:] Here you can see how many copies of the book are in stock. The book is on shelf 001.8 under Bell. If a book has several authors or editors, it may be under its title.

Click through until you get to information about the book’s location.

Find the book on the shelf

Once you have found the right shelf, find the right section on the shelf. The titles follow each other in numerical order. The book is at 001.8

Now it's time to look for the right book. The books are arranged alphabetically by the word/name on the label on the book's spine. In this case, BEL

More help?

Now you should have found the book. If you haven't done so - go to our information desk and ask a librarian for help. We are happy to help you look!