E-resources and copyright

What are the rules for employees and students at the Swedish Defence University?

Downloading, printing and copying e-resources

Through Anna Lindh library´s licence agreements with different suppliers you can get access to a large number of electronic resources, like fulltext articles and e-books.

The terms of use differ depending on publisher and supplier.

If you need the exact information it is usually to be found in connection with the electronic resource.

Commercial use is not allowed. In case of violation of any specific agreement the supplier has a right to block access for the university.

Normally it is allowed to

  • read and print single articles for personal use and for use in an educational or research context
  • download single articles for personal use or for passing forward to colleagues within the Swedish Defence University
  • link to material such as an article in a database. Readers kan only be employees and students at the Swedish Defence University with access to the material.

Normally it is not allowed to

  • systematically print or download for example an entire journal volume or an entire e-book
  • sell material
  • send copies to persons outside of the Swedish Defence University
  • make available articles via other web sites or web tools.

Literature for teaching and course literature

As for copying literature in an educational context the Swedish Defence University has a university agreement with Bonus Copyright Access. The agreement regulates how literature may be used in an educational context.

» Read about the agreement on the Bonus Copyright Access web site (in Swedish)

The library´s agreement has priority over the agreement with Bonus copyright access

The agreements the library has for use of electronic publications or other digitally stored material, have precedence to the Bonus Copyright Access agreement.

This applies regardless if the terms are more generous or more restrictive than in the BCA agreement.

» Read more about Bonus Copyright Access

» Read more about copyright at the Swedish Defence University (in Swedish)

Please do not hesitate to ask us if you are unsure of what is allowed.