Student union board

The work of the student union is led by its board, which is elected on a one-year basis by the members at the annual general meeting.

Student union board 2023-2024

Rasmus Lindstedt.

Rasmus Lindstedt

Leo Vikinge.

Leo Vikinge
Vice chairman och manager studysocial committee

Felix Malmström.

Felix Malmström
Second vice chairman, secretary and resåponsible memberships

Erik Westergren.

Erik Westergren
Financial manager

Erica Engrund Sohlberg.

Erica Engrund Sohlberg
Manager the labour market committee Kompass

Sara Andersson.

Sara Andersson
Communications manager and deputy manager studysocial committee

Deborah Wiklund.

Deborah Wiklund
Equality and equal treatment officer

Iris Weström.

Martina Sandgren
Manager civil section

Robert Steffens.

Robert Steffens
Responsible for tradition

Daniel Fölstad
Head of the doctoral section