Sending an e-invoice to The Swedish Defence University (SEDU)

From April 1 2019, e-invoice requirement is legislated and all purchases in the public sector must be invoiced with an electronic invoice (e-invoice) according to a new European standard. This means that all suppliers to the public sector must send e-invoices according to the new standard.

Note that PDF is not an approved format.

Always include our purchase order number stated as a reference, alternatively the sub-project number and the customer's name. See below for information on how this is stated correctly.

If you already use e-invoices

E-invoice via PEPPOL

We want electronic invoices to be sent over the PEPPOL network. SEDU´s electronic address in PEPPOL is 0007:2021004730.

If you currently do not use e-invoices

E-invoices via SEDU’s supplier portal for invoices and orders

If you do not have the possibility to send electronic invoices, you can register the invoice manually in our Supplier Portal, which is provided by Opus Capita. The service is free. The following information needs to be available when you register your company:

  • Company name and address
  • Corporate identity number
  • VAT registration number
  • Payment information


When you include the order number (7 digits starts with 92) the number should be placed in the field named ”Customers order number” on the invoice. No additional text in the field.

Reference number

Reference number/sub-project consist of 6 digits. The reference shall be placed in the field ”Reference” on the invoice.

Order line reference

In order for the invoice to be matched against our purchase order number, the invoice must be specified in the same way as the purchase order, for example, the purchase order has three lines, the invoice must also have three lines. The "order line reference" tag is used to refer to the correct line on the purchase order.

Tags to get references in the right field
Below is information on which tags to use to get the references in the correct field depending on which version of e-invoice is used.

Referencetags PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0

PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0



Customer order number


Order line reference


Referencetags Sveinvoice 1

Sveinvoice 1



Customer order number


Order line reference



Please contact us by e-mail or telephone +46 8-553 427 21 if you have any questions.