Scholarships at the Swedish Defence University

If you have applied for a course at the Swedish Defence University, which requires the payment of fees, you may apply to the University for a scholarship.

The scholarship may only be used to pay all or part of the tuition fees and may not be used for accommodation or other suchlike costs.

Who can apply?

The scholarship programme is aimed at well-qualified students from countries, other than EU/EEA countries and Switzerland (in accordance with Regulation 2010:543), who wish to study at Swedish universities/colleges. This scholarship is administered by the Swedish Council for Higher Education, but applications for and approval of scholarships are dealt with by the university/college concerned.

How to apply

Applications for scholarships should be in the form of a personal letter, including contact details, information about your citizenship, and certified copies of certificates/awards from previous studies.

Send your application to fus@fhs.se

Application deadlines

Submit your application no later than 15 November if you apply for a scholarship for courses that start in the spring semester.

If you wish to apply for a scholarship for courses that start in the autumn semester, you should submit your application no later than 15 May.

Please note that you must first apply to the course or the programme and then you may apply for a scholarship.


For questions about the scholarship, please contact the Student and Education Section at feesandscholarships@fhs.se