Kollage med bild på militärövning och bokomslag

Different perspectives on land operations and tactics

A new anthology published by Oxford University Press discusses various aspects of land warfare, focusing on current challenges and how they can be addressed.
- The texts give a better understanding of the challenges faced by land forces today, such as urban warfare, command and control, and logistics. Several case studies also highlight land tactics and operations in various national contexts, says Mikael Weissmann.

The theme of the anthology Advanced Land Warfare - Tactics and Operations is different perspectives on contemporary developments in land warfare.

"The land dimension of warfare has gone through a lot of changes in the last 10-20 years, and we found that there was a lack of research and literature with a holistic approach to the development in a modern context", says Mikael Weissmann, Associate Professor and Senior Lecturer in War Studies at the Swedish Defence University. He is the editor of the anthology together with Niklas Nilsson, Associate Professor and Senior Lecturer in War Studies at the Swedish Defense University.

New technology impacts land warfare

In 19 chapters, all of which can be read independently, the anthology describes how technological developments affect land warfare. New technologies, the development of artificial intelligence, and today's information society offer a new set of conditions and contribute to the increased diversity of land forces' tasks.

"In one chapter, I discuss how new developments have led to various opportunities and challenges for the commanders of military operations, creating an increasingly complex context. The demands on military commanders sometimes pull them in different directions and cause contradictions between methods for command and delegation", says Niklas Nilsson.

Land tactics and operations from different national perspectives

Other focus areas in the anthology include logistics and urban warfare, and case studies from countries such as the US, Israel, Russia, and China, where land tactics and operations in different national contexts are discussed.

"Combining thematic chapters and national case studies provides both a broad and concrete picture of the challenges of land warfare, something that is very relevant in light of Russia's current full-scale invasion of Ukraine", says Niklas Nilsson.

Requirement for versatile land units

Since Russia's annexation of Crimea in 2014, the realization that conventional military capabilities are needed to defend its territory in a full-scale war has grown stronger.

"However, the increased need for conventional forces does not mean that the other tasks of the land forces will disappear, such as peacekeeping and counter-insurgency. But as the potential uses of land forces have broadened, and the need for flexible units that can handle different types of tasks is increasing", says Niklas Nilsson.

Research and best practices

The anthology is available online and is composed of contributions from both researchers and experienced officers.

"The contributions are based on both research and best practices. The anthology is aimed at academics, practitioners, policymakers and military commanders", says Mikael Weissmann.

Josefin Svensson

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