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Captain Lars Wikman has a Ph.D. in political science from Uppsala University and teaches military strategy at the Swedish Defence University. His research interests mainly concern foreign policy analysis, framing, and democracy and the use of force. In his doctoral dissertation (Don’t Mention the War) he explored the foreign policy process in which a consensus was forged in support of Swedish military deployments to Afghanistan. Currently Lars is researching the Persian Gulf War, 1990-91, and how the US shaped and framed policy in order to construct domestic and international consensus behind the large scale military operation.

During his doctoral studies Lars was awarded a prestigious scholarship to serve a year in the Swedish parliament and in 2016 he was one year at Stanford University as a visiting researcher. Before returning to the Defence University in August 2021 Lars served as a military analyst in the Swedish Armed Forces headquarters.

Lars pursued his doctoral studies funded by the Ministry of Defence through the Swedish Armed Forces PhD Program. He received his master’s degree in political science from Uppsala (2010) and graduated from the Swedish military academy as an officer in 2004. His military background is within satellite and radio communications and he served one tour overseas with the EUFOR mission to Chad and the Central African Republic. During his undergraduate studies at Uppsala he completed an internship with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the Swedish Mission to NATO in Brussels.
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