Is is possible to get books sent by mail?

We get a lot of questions about the possibilities to get books sent home by mail during the pandemic. Here is a summary.

Student or employee at the Swedish Defence University

If you are a student or employee at the Swedish Defence University and your home is outside of the Stockholm region we have the possibility to send library books to you by mail. Do not request the book, instead send an e-mail to

You send returned books to the library yourself to this address.
Anna Lindh-biblioteket
Box 27805
115 93 Stockholm

Tips before contacting us.

  • Can you find the book as an e-book? If that is the case we will not send the print book.
  • You can reach all our e-books and e-journals remotely.

Inter-library loans from other libraries

Inter-library loaned books from other libraries can unfortunately not be sent by us by mail. They will have to be picked up at the library. Articles requested by inter-library loan can be sent by mail.

Information especially for students at the Officer Programme or the Higher Officer Programme

If you need course literature, please contact us at for help with this.

General public

Unfortunately we have no possibility to mail books to private patrons who are not either students or employees at the Swedish Defence University. Please turn to your own university och city library to loan the book from us via inter-library loan. Please note that it is your library that decides if an inter-library loan can be made.

Current information during the pandemic

» A summarized information page about our services during the pandemic


Pleas mail any other questions to