Welcome to read and study in the library

Anna Lindh Library Covid 19-restrictions

For the moment the general public has no access to the library. During the Covid-19 pandemic the library is unmanned until further notice. Personnel and students with key cards have access to the library 6 AM to 10 PM every day of the week.


The university library is accessible to students and personnel of the Swedish Defence University every day between 6 AM and 10 PM. The general public is welcome during the manned opening hours.

In the university library there are study spaces, group rooms and computers for the Swedish Defence University’s students or course participants.

The general public may use the study spaces and computers.

The library is a workplace for university students and personnel as well as other visitors. Help us create a good working environment for studying.

» Opening hours

Rules for visitors

Mobile phones

Mobile phones are allowed in the library if the sound is switched off. If you must talk on the phone please do so outside the library.

Food and beverages

You may bring in beverages and sandwiches if you are careful. There are lunch spaces on the 4th floor for eating your own meals.

Personal belongings

The library does not assume responsibility for personal belongings forgotten in the library. Forgotten items are left in the Swedish Defence University’s Reception. An exception is a lost library card which can be picked up at the library’s information desk upon proof of identity.

Study spaces and quiet zone

The library has a quiet zone on the lower floor. Conversation is not allowed. On the upper floor conversation is allowed provided consideration to other visitors is shown. Group rooms can be booked for group work.

Thank you for your consideration!

» Group rooms and study spaces

Wireless network - Eduroam

As a student at the Swedish Defence University you can register for an account on the wireless university network Eduroam.

Eduroam is a world wide network service developed for the international academic sector. It is also present on several public places like airports, hospitals and railway stations. When you have registered you can use your account world wide.

How do I get my Eduroam account?

At the link below you log in with your student account ("FHS account") with your regular password. Then you will be able to register for an Eduroam account.

» Login to register for an Eduroam account

If you have any questions about Eduroam, contact helpdesk@fhs.se