Group rooms and study spaces

The Anna Lindh Library has four group rooms that can be booked by the Swedish Defence University’s students and personnel.

Group rooms in the main library

Computers can be connected to screens and White boards in the group rooms.

Group rooms can be booked for a maximum of four hours, booking is done through the web. The Netloan system is used. Netloan is also accessible from an external net.

  • Up till two sessions per day may be booked for a maximum of four hours (240 minutes) total.
  • Five bookings may be done in advance in the next 14 days.
  • If the group room is not in use after 15 minutes of the booked time then the group room may be booked by others.
  • Remember to cancel bookings that will not be used. Contact the service disk in the library for help cancelling someone else’s unutilised booking.

NB! When logging in to a public library computer it will also generate a booking in the Netloan system. Simultaneous bookings are not possible.

» Book a group room

Looking for a quiet study space?

Group rooms are for group work only. There are many single work spaces in the library. For a quieter and more private study area there are study spaces on the library’s lower floor.