Our visiting rules

The library is a workplace for the university's students and staff as well as other visitors. Help us to jointly create a good working environment for studies.

Mobile phone

Mobile phones are allowed in the library if they are set on silent. If you need to talk on your mobile, take your call outside the library.

Food and drinks

It is allowed to bring drinks (should be equipped with a lid) and sandwich provided that you are careful. If you are a student and want to eat your own food, there is a kitchenette in Studenthuset on Drottnings Kristinas väg 47.

Personal effects

The library is not responsible for personal belongings in the library premises. We leave forgotten items to the reception at the Swedish Defence University. The exception is found library cards.

Study places and quiet zone

The library has a quiet zone on the lower level. It is not allowed to talk there. On the upper level, it is allowed to converse provided that you show consideration for other visitors. It is also possible to book a group study room for joint work.

Thank you for being considerate!