A reference is a source in a text or in a bibliography. The reference makes it possible to find the source and read the text itself. The appearance of references and bibliography is regulated by different referencing styles. Common styles include Oxford, Harvard, and APA

Why should you write references?

In a written work, you must clearly show what you did not think of yourself. You may not use anyone else's ideas or thoughts without citing your source.

Which reference management system should you choose?

There are a number of different ways to cite and write reference lists (reference lists) depending on which reference system is used. In some courses, your teacher recommends that you should use a certain system, such as Oxford.

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Writing references for e-books

Entering the correct page number is an important part of referencing. But unfortunately, some e-book formats create problems with page referencing. For exact page references, e-books in pdf format are the best as almost all of them use layout and page numbering from the printed edition.

» Malmö University has instructions on how to refer to e-books. (in Swedish)