Reference management software

Reference management software makes it easier for you to collect and organize the sources you will use in an essay or research project. You don't have to write references and reference lists by hand. There are several different reference management programs, the Anna Lindh Library recommends Endnote.


With Endnote, you as a student at the Swedish Defence University get support for the software. If you are an employee or student at the Senior Officers' Programme, you already have the program installed on your computer. Other students at the Swedish Defence University can download the program free of charge on their private computer.

Endnote is a reference management program that can be used to find, collect, organize and manage references and full texts. The program is integrated with Word and other word processors and can be used to insert references and create reference lists from your Endnote library.

You can also share and have shared reference libraries with other users. Something that can make it easier to collaborate.

Endnote can also help you match your text to a relevant journal or format your text in accordance with a journal's instructions.

Access to fulltext via "Find full Text"

To access Endnote and to be able to download fulltext to Anna Lindh library resources you need to input these links below at ”Edit > Preferences > Find full text”:

OpenURL Path:


Bild visar fält där inställningar ska matas in


For more information and detailed instructions on how to use the different features, please see the following web pages and guides:

» Go to Karolinska Institutet's guide to Endnote 20

» Go to Endnote's official guides


Mendeley is a free program that you can use both locally on your computer or through the program's website. You can synchronize your credentials between these modes, ensuring that you can access them wherever you are.

» Go to Mendeley's website

» Go to guides on Mendeley's website


Zotero is another free program that can be used for managing references.

» Read more on Zotero's website

» Guide to Zotero / Karlstad University Library