Investigations and inquiries


We offer qualified assistance in the development of studies and investigations as well as evaluations of events and exercises. The unit also offers methodological support for different types of projects and programs in the field of total defence and societal security.

Depending on the organisation's needs and level of ambition, our analysts can provide assistance and valuable insight on organisational factors such as crisis planning, internal decision-making processes, coordination, communication, cooperation, threat images, and a number of other significant factors that affect crisis preparedness and total defence planning within an organisation.

Analytical support can be tailored to meet a range of scopes and ambitions. This support can range from quality assurance of internal reports to a complete analysis of an organisation's crisis preparedness capability or a country's crisis management system. In order to ensure that the analytical products provided are relevant, we place great importance on maintaining close cooperation with the client. Close cooperation characterises every step of our work, from planning and reporting to implementing.

Our work is characterised by the combination of experience-based and research-based knowledge. We have a wide range of expertise in many different aspects of crisis preparedness and total defence as well as knowledge and practical experience of different analytical methods. Thus, our analytical activities are well-grounded in documented tried and true experiences, both national and international ones. We also have a comprehensive network of researchers and experts who regularly contribute to our analytical activities.