Training and exercises

Tomorrow's decision makers must realise the extent to which crises can affect society and therefore they need to understand how they can be managed.

The Centre for Societal Security carries out training activities in crisis management and total defence in a manner that encourages dialogue between researchers and experienced practitioners. Learning is an ongoing process, not something you create on a single occasion. Therefore, it is necessary to create the conditions for long-term learning where competence development and training occur regularly.

Training as a learning opportunity

Training provides valuable insight into the stress and uncertainty that decision-makers at different levels face in a crisis situation. Under "safe forms" and in forgiving environments, different strategies and skills (such as decision making, leadership, stress management and communication) can be tested and developed. By supplementing more traditional education activities (such as lectures and seminars) together with experience-based education, learning capacity increases.

All of our training activities are characterised by close collaboration with the client, both during the production and implementation process.