Here you will find information that you need to know for your and others' safety at the Swedish Defence University. In case of acute, serious incidents/emergencies - call 112 for the police or emergency services.


You should report theft or loss of entry cards, keys etc., crime or suspected crime and safety/ security issues, to the security guards at reception.

Heart starter (defibrillator)

A defibrillator is located outside reception/security in the main building.

The Swedish Defence University is an object of Vital installation

As an object of vital installation, the Swedish Defence University has increased legal protection against sabotage, terrorist crimes, espionage and aggravated robbery. Persons staying within the protected object are obliged, at the request of the person guarding the protected object, to identify themselves, submit to a body search and an examination of vehicles brought to the site.

Who can stay on the Swedish Defence University premises?

Access to premises for students and employees is regulated by personal access card.

The public has access to the Swedish Defence University's main building at Drottning Kristinas väg 37 via the main entrance on weekdays at 7.30-17.00. Access includes open spaces on floors 2 and 3 as well as the Anna Lindh Library and the Café Propellern. To visit other premises, a visitor's permit is required.

If university is closed for the public, students may not bring any guests.

The Officers' Mess

As the terror threat level was increased in 2023, students are not allowed to bring external guests to the Officer's Mess.

Training facilities

The training facilities are open to students on weekdays at 7.00-22.00. Military students and employed personnel have access around the clock. Unauthorized persons may not stay on the premises.