Access card

Access cards are used in the premises of the Swedish Defence University. You get your access card after registration.

Rules for access cards

  • The card may not be lent to anyone.
  • The entry card is personal and has a unique code. Never keep the card and code together.
  • Do not let people who do not have their own entry card into sectioned parts of the premises (where access cards are required).

Please note that the university’s premises have different opening hours and that your access to the premises may vary. When you receive your entry card, you will be notified which times you may be on the premises.

If you lose your entry card, you should immediately have the card blocked by notifying the guard at reception.

If you do not find the card within a week, you may be required to replace it at a cost of SEK 100.

If you have forgotten or lost your access card, you can borrow one at reception by showing identification.

The borrowed card is valid on the same day until midnight and must be returned the next day. When you use a borrowed card, your own card is blocked for security reasons.

When you finish your studies, return your access card to reception. If reception is closed, there is a mailbox for entry cards at the main entrance.