We offer several benefits for our employees.


As an employee at SEDU, you are entitled to one hour of wellness-related activity per week and, when work permits, the opportunity to exercise up to three hours per week during working hours. We offer a wide range of wellness activities, such as group training and individual workout in the gym, and other fitness and health activities. We have lovely green spaces in our immediate vicinity for those who prefer to exercise outdoors.

Our employees are reimbursed for medication and doctor's visits in accordance with the state collective agreement. You also have access to counselling through our occupational health service if necessary.

Working hours

We believe in a good work-life balance and apply flexible hours. Since April 2022, we apply flexible working, which means that for example full-time employees are allowed to work at home about two days a week.

Annual leave

In accordance with the national collective agreement, employees are entitled to 28-35 days of holiday per year, depending on their age.

Parental financial contribution

We want to promote an active parenthood. For that reason, we contribute around 10% of your salary in addition to the parental benefit you receive through Försäkringskassan (the Swedish Social Insurance Agency).

Occupational pension

The Swedish Defence University pays occupational pensions for all employees in accordance with the Government Pension Agreement.

Salary exchange

In accordance with the central collective agreements, employees in government organizations can opt to exchange your salary (salary exchange) for the employer's payment of the corresponding amount into an occupational pension.

Display glasses

Any SEDU employee who spends more than one hour a day in front of a monitor is entitled to an eye exam paid for by your employer. If the eye exam shows that you need glasses for working in front of a monitor, the employer will pay for glasses for monitor purposes and for standard frames.

Collective agreements

The Swedish Defence University is bound by the collective agreements Conditions Agreement and Conditions Agreement-T. These regulate most of the terms and conditions of your employment. You can find more information at the Swedish Agency for Government Employers website.