Sharing and Control of Degrees

Anyone who has a degree issued at a Swedish Defence University can share information about their degree with any recipient (e.g. an employer). Sharing is done by retrieving a control code and communicating it to a recipient, who can use the code to access information about the degree and its content.

Share information about your degree

The following information is intended for you who hold a degree and want to share information about it with someone (e.g. an employer).

If you are a student or alumnus and hold a degree, you can log in to Ladok for students and retrieve a code for sharing information about your degree. By sharing the control code, you make it possible for the recipient (e.g. an employer) to access information about your degree and its content. If you want to see for yourself what is shared with the recipient, you can log in with the control code and your personal identity number. The same code can be used several times and for several recipients.

You share your degree by:

  • Logging in to Ladok for students and go to ”Degrees and certificates”
  • Selecting ”Share certificate”
  • Sharing the retrieved control code with any recipient

Verify degree information

The following information is intended for you who want to verify information about a degree

Verifying that an individual has a degree can easily be done digitally. By using a control code you receive from the individual whose degree you are to verify, as well as his/her personal identity number, you can see information about the degree and its content. The information is retrieved directly from Ladok*.

You verify degree information by:

Sharing of degrees is possible for those who have their degree registered in Ladok, which is the study administration system used by most Swedish higher education institutions and colleges (parties in the consortium). It is also required that the higher education institution that issued the degree has activated the sharing function in Ladok for students.