Partnership for a more resilient Sweden

The Swedish Defence University has an extensive network of partners with whom we cooperate nationally and internationally. We constitute the interface between the broader security sector and the Swedish comprehensive defence. In our joint education, research, and collaboration projects, we are systematically contributing to a more resilient society.

The Swedish Defence University is a comprehensive defence campus and a unique meeting place for actors from the civilian and military world. Some of the largest actors within Swedish business life and the Swedish Armed Forces are our most important partners. In addition, our partner programme consists of major Swedish businesses. Being our partner provides an opportunity to influence what topics we can focus on, how our education may be developed, and what research and collaboration might be missing and could be included.

What you get as a partner

  • A strong civil-military network
    Exclusive networking meetings with keynote speakers.
  • Dialogue with prominent leaders
    Roundtable discussions with discussions led by national and international experts.

  • Access to researchers
    Opportunities to strengthen your operations in various research initiatives and by becoming members of our centers

  • Influence through education
    Contribute to reality-based education through case studies and projects from your business environment.

Interface between civil security and defence

Our network is an important meeting place for dialogue across traditional borders. To our assistance, we have subject matter experts and researchers who all work in a neutral academic environment.

Together we can shape cutting-edge research

Take the opportunity to collaborate in groundbreaking research that is relevant to your company or organization, or collaborate with research groups and projects for closer collaboration through co-production, adjunct faculty, and by providing opportunities for doctoral students in the industry.

Influence through education

Contribute to the development of our education through reality-based case studies, course projects, participation in exercises and internship programs that give our students invaluable real-world experience and prepare them for their future careers. Our programs and courses are professionally oriented to prepare students for successful careers. Our pedagogy offers the students a unique experience, using scenario-based exercises and war games to sharpen the students' skills for their future professional contexts.

Enhance your staff's skills

Our Centre for Societal Security is our organization for continuing education, providing both basic civil security training and tailor-made courses to develop your staff's competence in your special area.

Recruit future skills

Cooperation with authorities, companies and organizations in the broader security and defence sector is crucial for us to succeed in our aim to train future leaders in the fields of security and defence. For our partners, this collaboration provides recruitment opportunities for skilled future employees and access to tailor-made management training and competence-building courses.