Cyber Challenge 2024

Cyber Challenge

Cyber Challenge is the Swedish Defence Universitys cybersecurity competition for students. The aim is to engage students in security policy and emergency preparedness-related information- and cybersecurity incidents on a national level.

About the competition

The competition will urge the teams to analyse a fictional scenario concerning a changed security environment in our region. The team’s policy responses will include perspectives of risk- and incident management, strategic communication, policy development, and impact assessment.

The three teams given the best scores by the competition judges are recommended to apply and participate in the international competition Cyber 9/12 Strategy Challenge, which is conducted digitally from Geneva Centre for Security Policy (GCSP). The National Cyber Security Centre will also give a special recognition to the three teams in connection to the national competition.

Who is the competition for?

The competition is intended for those studying at an institution of higher education. Students apply in teams of four. Each team must recruit a coach who is a faculty member at the team’s own institution for higher education. For the team to be successful, it is recommended that students have different academic backgrounds and build teams over institutional boundaries. Students from different universities are not allowed to form a team as each team must be comprised of students from the same university.

Cyber Challenge is free of charge and registration opens in the autumn.