Första veckan för Högre officersprogrammet 22-25. Självpresentationer och besök på mässen.

SEDU cooperation with the Swedish Armed Forces

The Swedish Armed Forces is our largest stakeholder. Our areas of collaboration are the Advanced Command Programme, which is our largest commissioned education, and commissioned research in the framework of the Swedish Armed Forces' programme for research and technology development.

The main task of the Swedish Defence University is to provide officer training at various levels. The Officer Programme is our largest academic programme and the Advanced Command Programme is our largest commissioned programme, and both are carried out in close collaboration with the Swedish Armed Forces.

The Officer Programme is the largest programme

The Officer Programme encompasses three specialisations and is the largest part of the Swedish Defence University's academic education. The programme is funded by the Ministry of Defense. In 2021, 469 officers attended the Officer Programme. While programme does not entitle students to study grants, students do receive free board and tuition, along with additional benefits provided by the Swedish Armed Forces.

The Swedish Defence University's largest academic commissioned programme is the Advanced Command Programme. In its current form, the programme started in 2018 and leads to a Master's degree in War Studies. In 2021, 155 officers attended the Advanced Command Programme.

Professional development is an important part of our collaboration strategy

Both before and after the academisation of officer training, lifelong learning is a key concept, and recurring training periods of various lengths are a vital part of an officer's career. The SEDU maintains the legacy of the old Swedish Defence University, which was established after the Second World War, and aims to develop the skills of both military and civilian leaders in the comprehensive defence. The specific skills courses are currently commissioned and constitute a large and important part of our collaboration strategy.

The Swedish Defence University is the first choice for professional development and lifelong learning in the defence and security sector. The Swedish Defence University's strategy means that the programmes are focused on the professions and developed in collaboration with the defence and security sector to support professional development and the collective knowledge base.

Lifelong learning during the officer career

The Swedish Defence University's vision and strategy emphasise the importance of commissioned education and lifelong learning. This is done by focusing on the societal benefit – which places high demands on collaboration and utility for society. We also stress the Swedish Defence University's role as a meeting place for civilian and military perspectives, for theory and practice, and for the profession and academia. This is achieved through commissioned courses for professional development in the defence and security sector.

Commissioned research for the Swedish Armed Forces

The Swedish Armed Forces R&D programme is important for building long-term operational capability in the framework of the comprehensive defence, to meet both known and identified threats and unknown developments. The research is reflected in several key subjects of our officer programmes and constitutes a research-based anchoring for the education.