Defence and society

The purpose of the framework project is to contribute with insights and knowledge about how a country's armed forces and society affect each other and cooperate within the total defense. Threats to society and the interaction between defense and society are thus the framework project's overall focus area.

The research is conducted in three sub-projects: 1) Gender mainstreaming in the Swedish Armed Forces, 2) From Resilience to Resistance and 3) Hybrid warfare and total defense in the gray zone. In all sub-projects, attention is paid to issues concerning gender equality,women, peace and war.

Gender mainstreaming in the Swedish Armed Forces

Contact: Professor Annick Wibben, Dr Mariam Bjarnesen

From Resilience to Resistance

Contact: Professor Alastair Finlan, Dr Ulrica Pettersson

Hybrid warfare and total defense in the gray zone

Contact: Associate Professor Mikael Weissmann

The research is carried out within the framework of the Armed Forces' Research and Technology Development programme.

Responsible Department

Department of War Studies and Military History



The Swedish Armed Forces



Mikael Weissmann

Associate Professor, Senior Lecturer, Director of studies +46 8-55342580
Published 2022-06-13 Updated 2022-06-13