Methods for marine concept and capability development

The research project investigates methods for marine concept and capability development, especially in relation to autonomous marine systems and methods for more efficiently describing and developing concepts for future underwater capabilities.

Strengthen the navy's competence for concept and capability development

The purpose of the project is to further develop knowledge and methods that enable technology development and materiel systems to be linked to the Armed Forces' operational needs, to strengthen the navy's strategic competence for concept and capability development. The project focuses mainly on autonomous marine systems, concepts for future underwater capabilities, and methodological competence to contribute to the Armed Forces' studies and research collaborations.

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Responsible Department

Department of Systems Science for Defence and Security


Marina system vid KTH och Swedish Maritime Robotic Centre (SMaRC)


The Swedish Armed Forces




Hans Liwång

Associate Professor, Deputy Head of Department +46 8-55342917
Published 2022-06-13 Updated 2023-06-22